March 2015

26 Mar Biomimetic Science: Beyond Dentistry Part 2

In our last blog post we submerged ourselves into the world of Biomimetic science. Biomimetics or biomimicry being defined as: the imitation of systems, models and elements of nature to solve sophisticated human problems. Although our focus at Prescott Dentistry is on Biomimetic Dentistry specifically,...

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22 Mar Biomimetic Science: Beyond Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry is the philosophical and practical backbone we use here at Prescott Dentistry. Through numerous articles, we have explored the nature-mimicking elements biomimetic dentistry is comprised of. After all, earth's life has had millions of years of development to get to it's current evolutionary...

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11 Mar Invisalign: Not Just for Looks

Vanity isn't the most endearing trait in the world. In a society seemingly overrun with the vain and vapid it can be easy to dismiss an idea if it seems a little shallow at first glance. Invisalign might just be one of those products you...

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