October 2015

26 Oct Halloween Healthy Smile Tips

All Hallows' Eve is now under one week away and the anticipation by kids and fun-loving adults alike is growing everyday! Unfortunately, it's usually our teeth and gums that get the short end of the stick when it comes to Halloween. We all know that...

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21 Oct Why do Babies Smile?

Smiling is something we all do generally from an early age and the frequency we smile at ourselves and others plays a strong roll in our social development. There's a reason having nice teeth often ranks higher than many other physical traits when it comes...

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07 Oct What in the World is Bruxism?

What is Bruxism? Medical terminology can be a little tricky sometimes. Here at Prescott Dentistry we've made an effort to simplify and describe certain terms like the exciting advancements of "biomimetic dentistry" (click here for a recap on all things "biomimetic"). However, there are still some...

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