Dental Proceedures

07 Oct What in the World is Bruxism?

What is Bruxism? Medical terminology can be a little tricky sometimes. Here at Prescott Dentistry we've made an effort to simplify and describe certain terms like the exciting advancements of "biomimetic dentistry" (click here for a recap on all things "biomimetic"). However, there are still some...

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01 May Summertime Whitening Tips

Many of us are scrambling to tone, beautify, and eat right in preparation for the beach and other summertime activities. However, while you're busy getting color on your skin, you may want to consider removing some of that "color" from your teeth. We've compiled a...

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20 Jan Winter Weather Pondering

We've had a somewhat unusual amount of snowy winter weather this holiday season here in Prescott and the rest of Northern Arizona. Have you found yourself staring out of your window, watching the crisp white snowflakes delicately cascade toward earth, contemplating the very fabric of...

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