Dental Proceedures

31 Dec Invisalign Vs Traditional Braces

With the addition of a new service like Invisalign, it is important for you as a patient and consumer to understand the differences between Invisalign Vs Traditional Braces. For the sake of clarity and ease of understanding here is a helpful chart: Comparison Chart Invisalign Braces Effectively treats a...

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15 Dec Depression & Failure of Dental Implants

Depression is a common ailment that many people suffer with today. There are many means and methods for treating depression, one of those is the prescription of SSRI medication. SSRI stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. The goal of these medications is to increase concentrations...

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30 Nov A Dentist’s Nightmare

Recently, this rare Deep-Sea Anglerfish, or "Black Sea Devil" was captured on film, which has only happened less the half a dozen times since it's discovery. These devilish carnivores have massive mouths filled with fang-like teeth angled inward to optimize prey capturing. We're just thankful...

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30 Sep Got a Tooth Knocked Out?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Prescott, Arizona Last week we delved into some of the rejuvenating cosmetic procedures Prescott Dentistry offers. However, we only touched the surface. So take a deep breath, we're about to go deeper! We already focused on restoring the coloration of our patient's teeth...

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21 Sep Do You Smile with Your Teeth?

Cosmetic Dentistry Do you intentionally avoid showing your teeth when you smile? Are you a master of the close-mouthed half-smile? It's safe to say that a majority of people aren't as happy with their smiles as they could be. What stops many folks from acting on...

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Biomimetic Dentistry

24 Aug State-of-the-Art Dental Services in Prescott, AZ

State-of-the-Art Dental Services in Prescott, AZ The doctors at Prescott dentistry offer state-of-the-art dental services in Prescott, AZ. Along with the innovative Biomimetic Dentistry techniques, Prescott Dentistry offers numerous technologically impressive and advanced ways to improve your dental experience. Laser Dentistry, Digital Radiographs, same-day crowns and...

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Endodontic Therapy

10 Aug Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Plastic Surgery

It may seem like Cosmetic Dentistry and Plastic Surgery are cohorts and not necessarily competitors. I believe it would be more accurate to describe them as peers, sometimes competing and sometimes working together. Before we delve into the pros, cons, and differences, let's clear the...

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