November 2014

30 Nov A Dentist’s Nightmare

Recently, this rare Deep-Sea Anglerfish, or "Black Sea Devil" was captured on film, which has only happened less the half a dozen times since it's discovery. These devilish carnivores have massive mouths filled with fang-like teeth angled inward to optimize prey capturing. We're just thankful...

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20 Nov When in Rome

The general mainstream thought process is that society has slowly improved and progressed throughout human history. However, discoveries regarding our ancestry occasionally will throw a wrench in that linear thought process. A study out of King's College London has unveiled that only 5 percent of...

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11 Nov A Virus that Makes us Stupid?

A recent accidental finding has led to the discovery of a virus that 'makes humans more stupid.' While this might sound like something hot off the presses of The Onion, the study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This algae...

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