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Holistic Preventative Options

Holistic Preventative Options

Everything that we do at Prescott Dentistry is with Prevention in mind. When we fix decayed or broken teeth, it’s with the intent of preventing crowns and root canals. When we remove a sick or infected tooth, it’s to prevent other health issues. When we perform biocompatibility tests for dental materials, it is to prevent your body from reacting to unhealthy toxins. Prevention is always our mindset.

In the dental profession the prevention of dental disease has usually been limited to brushing and flossing your teeth daily and using fluoride products. While good oral hygiene is essential to good oral health, there are additional things we can do to prevent dental disease. Tooth decay is caused by bad bacteria that feed on dietary sugars, producing acids that erode enamel. Acidic foods and drinks can further add to the problem. Our early, preventive interventions should attack all aspects of the disease. We need to establish a non-acidic environment, a healthy balance of bacteria, replenish lost minerals to strengthen the enamel, and maintain a good diet and oral hygiene.

  • FLUORIDE ALTERNATIVES: while fluoride does make the enamel more acid resistant, when used topically, some families have concerns about the toxicity of ingesting fluoride. Here are some alternatives you can ask our doctors about.
    1. Mineral cremes: we recommend a special mineral creme that can coat your teeth in a protective film that releases natural calcium and phosphate minerals into the enamel when your mouth becomes acidic.
    2. Tooth powder: As an alternative to fluoride toothpaste, we sell a therapeutic tooth powder that when used daily will neutralize the acidity in your mouth and provide naturally occurring minerals to strengthen your enamel.
    3. Mineral Mouthrinse: There are mouthrinses that provide bio-available minerals in high concentrations to naturally strengthen enamel.
  • COMBAT BACTERIA: Dental and gum disease are basically a bacterial infection. These are some ways we can combat the bacteria that cause oral health problems
    1. Dental Probiotics: Re-establishing a healthy balance of good vs. bad bacteria in the mouth prevents decay and gum disease. Too many bad bacteria cause decay and inflammation.
    2. Ozone / Oxygen therapy: Dental ozone is a powerful oxidizer of bacteria that can literally stop the decay process. It is a tool to promote healing of teeth and gums.
    3. Xylitol: A naturally occuring sugar substitute, xylitol is a powerful way to kill bad bacteria and breakup plaque that cause decay. Not only is it a dietary sweetener, but it is found in many natural candies, gum, and even natural toothpastes.

    Ask one of our clinical staff how you can take advantage of these natural alternatives to optimize your family’s dental health.