Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry in Prescott, AZ

Biomimetic literally means “mimic nature”. The way the doctors at Prescott Dentistry restore teeth focuses on emulating the perfect undamaged tooth that nature gave us to start with. Using advanced bonding techniques and bio-compatible materials we are able to re-create the biomechanics of this ideal. This allows us to help our patients avoid invasive crowns and root canals with strong and nearly invisible onlays and fillings. You will feel confident knowing that we can restore your tooth to its natural strength and feel. Sensitivity after a filling is a thing of the past!!

The Two Principles of Biomimetic Success

Nature created our teeth to be able to withstand some pretty harsh conditions. Bite pressures can exceed 200 psi (pounds per square inch) and yet the combination of hard, rigid outer enamel and “shock-absorbing” inner dentin provide a protective complex that absorbs these extreme forces and distributes them evenly through the teeth and jaws.

When decay or even a filling is present, the protective complex of the tooth is disrupted and traditional dentistry fails or teeth break. Biomimetic bonding allows us to restore natural strength to the tooth by preventing the stresses caused by shrinking and expanding fillings and recreate the tooth’s ability to absorb the stresses from biting. The two foundational principles of this Biomimetic Dentistry are:

  1. Treat Teeth Early
  2. Use Proper Techniques

Treating weakened teeth earlier allows us to preserve the healthy enamel, thus providing a better foundation for the Biomimetic bonding. Early intervention is key to less-invasive treatment!

Proper Biomimetic bonding techniques save your tooth by:

  • Completely removing old bacteria and infection.
  • Sealing out new infection & bacteria.
  • Eliminating sensitivity.
  • Restoring natural strength and function.

The doctors of Prescott Dentistry, your dentists in Prescott AZ, are the only fully trained biomimetic dentists in Arizona. Come see us for a consultation to see how our alternative approach can benefit you and your family.