Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biomimetic Dentistry? How is it different?

Biomimetic dentistry is a branch of holistic or biologic dentistry that deals with the biomechanics of the natural tooth. It involves techniques and materials that restore the natural strength and function to a damaged or decayed tooth using advanced bonding techniques and more biocompatible materials that closely mimic the natural tooth. Biomimetic dentists generally employ a more whole body approach to patient care and take overall health and wellness into consideration, offering an alternative to traditional “drill-and-fill” techniques.

Would correcting my dental issues resolve a health problem – Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigues, Allergies?

Most systemic health problems are multi-factorial, that is to say there are many factors that can contribute to the disease process. A major component to many conditions is inflammation. The teeth and gums can be one source of undiagnosed inflammation and should always be evaluated and treated when trying to improve overall health. Toxic materials and metals used in traditional dentistry can also have negative effects on our health.

What does a consultation consist of? How is it different from an exam?

The initial consultation is a chance to be introduced to the office and get an idea of our philosophy and approach to patient care. It is a brief visit where we will be able to give you a limited idea of how our holistic approach to dentistry could benefit your specific health situation. A comprehensive dental exam includes a whole-mouth examination and evaluation of you overall oral health. The extra time allows us to help you prioritize your health needs. It will usually involve radiographs and other imaging to diagnose existing health conditions. A comprehensive exam will usually be recommended before proceeding with any treatment.

Will removing my mercury fillings improve my health?

There have been reports of allergic reactions to some materials commonly used in traditional dentistry. Also, heavy metals and mercury are constantly being released from older amalgam (silver) fillings. Removing these toxic materials is an important step in maximizing your journey to improved health when it is done properly. It it is important to remember, however, that your health conditions are often linked to many factors, only one of which may be dental materials.

What precautions do you take when removing my mercury fillings?

If not done by a trained biological dentist, amalgam removal can result in exposure to mercury vapors and aerosols. Click here to learn more about what precautions we take and schedule a consultation to learn more how it applies to your health.

What is Ozone used for in dentistry? How does it work?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas molecule that consists of 3 bonded oxygen atoms. In nature it is produced when lightning passes through the atmosphere, producing that characteristic fresh rainstorm smell. Ozone/Oxygen therapy has been used by biomimetic and biologic dentists for years as a way to naturally kill bacteria and promote healing. Ozone quickly breaks down to provide healing oxygen gas and active oxygen ions which kill bacteria. Click here to learn more.

As a new patient, why do I need an Exam first? I just had one at another dentist. He told me what he thinks I need, can I just get a fee for that with you or can I just schedule that with you?

Prescott dentistry we have a more holistic approach to dental care and using biomimetic techniques, you may find that conditions diagnosed by another, traditionally trained dentist could be treated with a less-invasive and possibly less-costly procedure. Also, fees are usually set based on the difficulty of the procedure and time required. Thus, to best meet your specific health needs the doctor may need a more thorough exam.

My current dentist says I need a root canal, crown or extraction. What is the “minimally invasive” alternative?

It is impossible to determine a treatment option without an examination of the area in question, however biomimetic dentistry allows us to restore a tooth less-invasively with excellent results. There are instances where a biomimetic filling can restore a tooth without the need for a root canal and crown and there are times when tooth extraction may be recommended rather than building on a poor foundation or infected root. At Prescott Dentistry we take the time to evaluate your health needs and give you all the best options.

What materials do you use that make you a “natural” dentist?

Our focus is using materials that recreate the natural structure of your tooth enamel and dentin. The term “biomimetic” literally means Mimicking Life. This is the driving principle behind what materials we use. Our goal is to recreate the biological complex using materials which mimic natural tooth structure. If we can re-create the strength and function of the natural, healthy tooth, using more biocompatible materials, then you can have confidence that your restoration will last a lifetime. For individuals who have chemical sensitivities or material concerns, we do material compatibility testing to ensure what we use is the healthiest for your biology.

I have a toothache! I just want it extracted. I know it needs an extraction. Can you just schedule me for that today?

Because you can’t control when dental emergencies happen, Prescott Dentistry always reserves time for emergency patient appointments so we can get you “out of pain” in a timely manner. If a tooth needs to be extracted this can often be done at the time of the emergency visit, but some cases are more complex and require either treatment with medication first or referral to an oral surgeon. We will always do what is best for your health needs after evaluating the condition.

Can you describe how you test for reactive materials in my mouth?

Because of the thousands of materials that have been developed for use in dentistry, we recognize that some individuals may have sensitivities to some chemicals used in various dental materials. This is why we offer serum compatibility testing. We partner with a medical lab which takes a blood sample and tests it against chemical compounds found in different dental materials to show whether there’s an increased risk of allergic or other reaction. You are then given a comprehensive booklet listing all the materials and their suitability for use.

Do you take my dental insurance?

Our office is fee for service, which means that we are not under contract with any specific dental insurance companies. This arrangement allows us to submit claims to all insurance companies without corporate control. As a courtesy we will gladly send claims on your behalf and your insurance company will reimburse you directly. If you have “out of network benefits” you are able to visit the office of your choosing (us!) and your dental insurance company will reimburse you in part for the services that you receive. There may be a difference in the amount they will reimburse when going to an “out of network” provider versus an “in network” provider. You can either call your insurance company or ask your plan administrator/HR manager to find out. Once you become an established patient with our office we will be happy to submit a “pre-determination” to your insurance company to find out exactly what they may cover for the services we recommend. In some cases, going to an “in network” provider will require you travel a great distance, which may be another advantage to visiting our office first. You can find out if there are providers near you by contacting your insurance company directly.

Can I make payment arrangements with your office?

Please take a look at our Financial Policy form which is available under the Patient Information tab. It clearly outlines our Financial Policy and lists the types of payments that we accept.