May 2015

27 May Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS

What is it? Biomimetic dentistry is the treatment of damaged, weak, and decayed teeth by sealing them against infections, which removes the need for between 60%-90% of root canals and crowns generally required of traditional dentistry. Why is biomimetic dentistry better than traditional dentistry? While modern engineering has...

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08 May Biomimetic Dentistry: The Economics

Biomimetic dentistry, as discussed at length on this blog, champions the benefits of tooth-conserving dentistry. In short, biomimetic methods allow dentists to forgo endodontic therapy, extraction, and crowns by using a more conservative approach aimed toward a conservative restoration that more closely resembles the tooth's...

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01 May Summertime Whitening Tips

Many of us are scrambling to tone, beautify, and eat right in preparation for the beach and other summertime activities. However, while you're busy getting color on your skin, you may want to consider removing some of that "color" from your teeth. We've compiled a...

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