7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona | Part II

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7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona | Part II


Did you assume all of the weird and obscure facts to be found were covered in Part I? Think again! You thought that mass UFO sightings and slow growing cacti were weird? Just wait! Admittedly those two will be hard to top, but there are plenty more interesting, weird, and fun facts about Arizona. So whether you are Grand Canyon State born and raised, a snow bird, or a recent transplant, here are 7 more Arizona facts that you probably didn’t know from your Prescott AZ Dentist!

  1. A fan of the history of ancient civilizations? You might be intrigued to know that Arizona is home to the Hopi village Oraibi. This village in Navajo County, AZ is the oldest known continuously inhabited area in America… dating back to 1200 A.D.!
  2. This one might not be news to prescottonians, but our neighbor to the north, Jerome, is home to what is believed to be the most haunted location in the state: the Jerome Grand Hotel, a former miner’s hospital.
  3. If you live in Prescott, you’re probably a fan of open land, forests and nature. However, you may not know just how much wilderness there truly is. Arizona has double the amount of wilderness area than the whole Midwest of the US.
  4. Be careful when you’re out there hiking enjoying that wilderness area, especially in the more arid areas. Arizona has the most species of rattlesnakes of any state at 13.
  5. Our fellow Northern Arizona city, Flagstaff, is known as the dark sky city. This is due to a rich heritage of astronomy. The “formerly recognized planet” Pluto was originally discovered at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff in 1930.
  6. Arizona makes up for it’s desert reputation with the two largest man made lakes in America, Lake Mead and Lake Powell.
  7. Another fact about ancient history? 1064 A.D. was the last time there was a volcanic eruption in Arizona. The eruption created Sunset Crater in Flagstaff.

Did we miss any of the good ones? Let your Prescott AZ Dentist, Prescott Dentistry, know at your next appointment. Stay weird Arizona!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/28/2017) jason shultz (Flickr)