7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona!


7 Weird & Fun Facts about Arizona!


Whether you’re a lifelong native to The Grand Canyon State, or a newly arrived transplant from California or the East Coast, there’s always more to learn about our great state! Here are a few fun facts about Arizona from your favorite dentist in Prescott! Be sure to share which ones you were most shocked by or share your own weird facts at your next dental appointment. Read on for the weirdness!

  1. The 90’s alt-rock scene was good to Arizona. Several big bands of the time originated here including The Gin Blossoms, Jimmy Eat World and the Meat Puppets!
  2. Winslow, Arizona is home to the world’s most well-preserved meteor crater. Let’s just hope that no more meteor’s make their way to Arizona!
  3. In areas of minimal precipitation, it can take a century (100 years) for a Saguaro cactus to grow a new arm! You can face up to a year in prison for cutting down this endangered cactus.
  4. A pioneer in women’s rights, Arizona granted women the right to vote a full 8 years before national suffrage was enacted.
  5. Arizona has more Native American lands than any other state and 21 Native American tribes. In fact, only 17% of Arizona’s large land mass is privately owned, the rest is comprised of Native American reservations, public lands, forests and state trust lands.
  6. In 1997, a city-wide UFO sighting occurred in Phoenix, Arizona. Hundreds of residents and even the Governor reported seeing lights and a large stationary “otherworldly” aircraft in the sky for over an hour.
  7. Can you guess why there are no dinosaur fossils in the Grand Canyon? Because the rocks are so much older than the dinosaurs! The only fossils found are of more primitive creatures like sponges, trilobites and corals.

Arizona is definitely a weird and fun state to live in.. and Prescott is the best spot around! Contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment in your favorite city in Arizona.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/13/2017) Missy Meyer (Flickr)