Amazing Dental Facts and Stats

Amazing Dental Facts and Stats

Amazing Dental Facts and Stats

Ready to learn some amazing facts and stats relating to your oral health? In celebration of the 40th anniversary of National Smile Month from the Oral Health Foundation, coming to a close this June 16th, here are some figures that will blow your mind–and not necessarily in a good way. Let our team at Prescott Dentistry know which ones you found most interesting!

  • Less that ¼ of adults floss regularly

  • One quarter of adults, and one third of men admit to not brushing twice a day.

  • Brushing your teeth just once a day (instead of the recommended two) increases your chances of developing tooth decay by 33%.

  • A frown requires 43 muscles, while a smile only takes 17!

  • More than ¼ of adults only visit the dentist when there is  a problem–which is not recommended for effective biomimetic and preventative care!

  • Twenty-five percent of adults have not visited a dentist in the two or more years!

  • Two thirds of us have plaque that is visible.

  • Over 50% of us would avoid telling a friend about their bad breath, out of fear of it affecting the friendship.

  • Nearly 30% of us suffer from dental pain–don’t let this continue!

  • Almost half of adults are not happy with their teeth. The reason? Discolored teeth comes in highest at 64%. If you fall under this category, contact us about teeth whitening in Prescott today!

  • On average, adults have about 7 fillings.

  • Men are less likely to suffer from extreme dental anxiety than women.

Do you fall under some of less that desirable statistics and want to remedy that? Contact Prescott Dentistry today to get your oral health back on track!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (6/13/2016) dbjules (Flickr)