Another Reason to Love Biomimetic Dentistry: Mercury Levels in Body Rise Due to Dental Fillings

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Another Reason to Love Biomimetic Dentistry: Mercury Levels in Body Rise Due to Dental Fillings

There have been studies in the past examining the effect dental fillings have on toxic mercury levels in the body, but none as clear cut as the latest study from the University of Georgia. If you needed another reason to avoid traditional amalgam fillings with biomimetic dentistry in Prescott, here it is. According to the study, amalgam fillings consisting of a mixture of silver, tin, mercury and other materials play a significant role  in prolonged mercury levels in the body.

This was no small study. This research analyzed data from almost 15,000 people–a nationally representative population–and was the first of it’s kind to demonstrate a relationship between mercury exposure and dental fillings. While tooth decay is a serious issue and one of the most common chronic diseases, many people do not consider what materials are being used during their dental treatments. Some of which are not bio-compatible, unlike those used by the biomimetic dentists at Prescott Dentistry.

While dental amalgam has been used for over 150 years due to its durability and affordability, nearly half of the compound consists of mercury, which is known to lead to heart, kidney, brain, immune system and lung damage at high levels. Not only that, but recent research suggests that methyl mercury, which is the form of mercury related to dental fillings, may cause damage even at low levels.

The results of the study indicated that those with 8+ dental fillings had 150% more mercury in their blood than those without fillings. A staggering one fourth of Americans of have 11+ filings!

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