Arizona Fun Facts!

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Arizona Fun Facts!

When the heat really kicks in and you find yourself asking why it is you live in Arizona and not Alaska, it helps to remember some fun facts about Arizona that will bring you a little comfort and renewed enthusiasm for the Grand Canyon State! Once you’re done brushing up on your AZ trivia, give your favorite Prescott, Arizona dentist a call to schedule a checkup for you and the family before the kids head back to school.

  • Arizona mines produce more copper than every other state in the US combined. The Morenci Mine in southeastern Arizona is the most productive copper mine in all of North America.

  • Arizona has the most national monuments of any state with a total of eighteen!

  • Clyde Tombaugh discovered the “formerly recognized” planet Pluto from Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff in 1930.

  • The name “Arizona” originates from the Spanish name “Arizonac”. Which is also derived from an Indian word “alĭ ṣonak” which translates to “small spring”.

  • Arizona is the 6th largest state. Every one of the states that make up New England, including Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts & Connecticut along with Pennsylvania could all fit inside Arizona!

  • Arizona has more mountains than any of the “Mountain States” with almost 4,000 mountain summits and peaks.

  • Arizona became the 48th and final state in the contiguous United States on February 14th, 1912 which earned it the nickname the “Valentine State”.

  • The largest collection of to-scale miniature airplane models is located in very own Prescott, Arizona.  The collection can be found at the library of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these awesome Arizona facts and have a newfound appreciation for your home state even in the summer heat!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/22/2016) Stephanie Conrad (Flickr)