Ashamed of your smile? Take a look at this newly discovered Bucktoothed Ghost Shark!

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Ashamed of your smile? Take a look at this newly discovered Bucktoothed Ghost Shark!


The reason many people avoid going to the dentist is because of the shame or embarrassment they have relating to their teeth. This is just a gentle reminder that Prescott Dentistry is a judgement-free, compassionate dentist in Prescott! Don’t allow these fears to prevent you from visiting the dentist, remember that your smile can’t be that bad… especially after you see this newly discovered bucktoothed ghost shark!

The deep sea is a strange and much more terrifying place than any dental office in Prescott! According to science, there are now 50 known species of ghost shark and the second largest was just discovered. This one has been dubbed Hydrolagus erithacus. At about 3 feet long, this ghost shark sports rabbit-like buckteeth and a large bulky head. In fact, the ghost shark is a member of the genus Hydrolagus which is latin for “water rabbit”.

These deep sea dwellers live in the cold murky depths between South Africa and Antarctica where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Interestingly, ghost sharks aren’t technically sharks, they are cartilaginous fish related to rays and sharks. These type of fish use their large pectoral finis to navigate their environment, not their tails like sharks. Scientists also refer to ghost sharks and similar species as ratfish or chimaeras. Little is known about these ocean dwelling animals because of the depths at which they live.

However, there was one discovery about their behavior due to this find, as the stomach of one of the specimens contained the claw of a crab, indicating that the fish may use their powerful teeth to crush crab shells and other sea floor crustaceans. That’s one case the staff at Prescott Dentistry will stay away from!

Are you looking for a compassionate dentist in Prescott? Contact us today as long as you aren’t a ghost shark!

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Walovich