Back to School Dental Tips

Back to School Dental Tips

School is just now getting back in session and for many families that means a whole lot of scrambling to get things done. Between arranging rides, after school activities, homework, school supplies and everything else under the sun, sometimes dental hygiene can fall by the wayside. We’re here to remind you that top notch dental services in Prescott, AZ are available to you with flexible appointment times during this busy time of the year! Don’t let a morning pass with your children forgetting to brush and properly address their oral needs. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping up with your healthy dental routines despite feeling as though your life is in fast forward!

1. Brush Before Eating

We all know that mornings on school days can be a bit of a mess. Often kids will roll out of bed late and end up eating breakfast on the way to school. Don’t worry about waiting until after the little ones eat to brush their teeth, make brushing a first-thing-in-the-morning routine. Studies have demonstrated that if teeth are brushed before a meal the pH level in your mouth won’t dip enough to result in cavities.

2. Diet is a Big Deal

Let’s face it, public schools aren’t exactly renowned for their healthy meal choices. They often consist of sugary, processed junk food. Send fresh fruits and veggies with your child to school to give them something healthy to snack on.

3. Mouth Guards

Most kids spend time either at recess, during physical education or in after school programs participating in sports like basketball, soccer, baseball and football. Make sure your child has the proper mouth guard protection and wears a helmet if they ride their bikes to school.

4. No Pain?

Often children who have cavities won’t feel pain until they are already infected. Don’t assume their oral health is fine even if they aren’t experiencing pain.

5. Water Wins

Avoid afternoon crashes, sugar coated teeth and tooth decay by choosing water over juice to give to your child. Juice can contain more sugar than a kid should be consuming in an entire day.

While it might be a great idea to just push through this hectic time to get to a point where you can relax with a little piece and quiet while the kids are off at school, neglecting your child’s dental health now can lead to costly and painful procedures later. Prescott Dentistry’s dental services in Prescott, AZ are just what your family needs to get through the school year in one piece. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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