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Benefits of Having a Pretty Smile on Stress Levels

Benefits of Having a Pretty Smile on Stress Levels

07 Aug Benefits of Having a Pretty Smile on Stress Levels

At Prescott Dentistry, our ultimate goal is to help our patients have teeth that function well and are nice looking. In fact, having straight teeth and a pearly white smile are two things that people everywhere value. In addition to the appearance of your teeth, did you know that there are additional benefits to having a nice smile? Read on, and consider the following benefits of having a pretty smile on stress levels.

  1. People want to talk to you! A nice friendly smile makes you appear more approachable (Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, 2012). This can help with career advancements, making new friends, and feeling more confident in your abilities. By having a smile you feel proud of, you are more likely to want to show it off. Our office can help you improve the appearance of your smile through something as simple as prescribing an at-home teeth whitening kit for you to use.
  2. Smiles actually improve moods! By enjoying time with friends or watching something silly on TV, you’ll find yourself smiling and even laughing, and instantly feel better. There are studies that show even faking a smile can elevate your mood—so keep smiling to get those endorphins going (Managing Stress, 2006)!
  3. As mentioned above, smiling is good for elevating your mood, and by relaxing and enjoying a few good laughs throughout the day, you’re helping to elevate your mood. And those smiles and laughs may even contribute to reducing stress, which is also good for your health. Stress can lead to a lot of health problems. It can also increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. So smile and laugh, and let it reduce stress. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine!

Our dental staff knows all about having a busy schedule, but we try to laugh and take it easy, too. For Prescott Dentistry, that means our patients come into a happier, friendlier office, where they are greeted with a smile. Now that you understand the benefits of having a pretty smile on stress levels — smile, and make your day go easier!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (8/7/2018) Evan Long (Flickr)