Biomimetic Dentistry Advances Continue Part II

Biomimetic Dentistry Advances Continue Part II

Every few weeks a new article or study comes out backing up the effectiveness of biomimetic dentistry or highlighting a recent advancement in that field. The tide definitely seems to be shifting towards biomimetic methods and further away from traditional drill and fill dentistry. To demonstrate that point perfectly, Sagar Kaushik, a UAB graduate student, has won a national award for his development of an advanced nanogel formula that encourages teeth to self-rejuvenate.

Kaushik was inspired by his mentor Ho-Wook Jun, Ph. D. who developed nanogels that are capable of regrowing tissue to damaged areas of the heart. The new treatment consists of antibiotics metronidazole and ciprofloxacin, as well as a dose of nitric oxide. The elements are then encapsulated in a biomimetic nanomatrix gel that is injectable. The biomimetic gel mimics the body’s natural extracellular matrix which aids in the formation of new blood vessels in previously infected tissue. The nanogel releases targeted low concentrations of the antibiotics. The idea is that the reason teeth die is from a lack of blood vessels, and if the infection is removed and new blood vessels are created, the teeth can be rejuvenated.

For this amazing work, Kaushik is being honored by the Biomedical Engineering Society with a Graduate Design and Research Award. His nanomatrix gel is undergoing trials on clinical samples and will soon begin pilot animal studies.

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Photo Credit: (Flickr)