Biomimetic Dentistry in Arizona

Biomimetic Dentistry in Prescott, Dewey & Chino Valley Arizona - dental hygienist working on biomimetic dentistry in arizona

Biomimetic Dentistry in Arizona

Biomimetic dentistry is a specific dental practice that uses treatments and special procedures that mimic our natural teeth. It focuses on tooth conservation using restorative techniques that do not require traditional, invasive dental procedures. Biomimetic literally means to “mimic nature.” Our dentists here at Prescott Dentistry use biomimetic dentistry to address a number of dental issues without having to damage the tooth structure. As the only practice that offers biomimetic dentistry in Prescott, near Chino Valley & Dewey Arizona, we want you to feel confident, knowing that we can restore your smile to its natural strength and feel.


Principles of Biomimetic Dentistry

In order to fix a damaged or aching tooth, most dental practices offer traditional treatments such as crowns or bridges. These treatments are certainly necessary at times. However, here at Prescott Dentistry, we treat dental issues from a different point of view, in order to help us avoid these more invasive procedures whenever possible. Treating weakened teeth earlier allows us to preserve the healthy enamel, thus providing a better foundation for the biomimetic bonding. Early, preventative intervention is the key to less-invasive treatment!

These practices not only avoid heavy drilling that damages the teeth, they also prevent potentially toxic fillings. Using advanced bonding techniques and biocompatible materials, we are able to re-create the biomechanics of your natural tooth structure. This allows us to help our patients avoid invasive crowns and root canals with strong, nearly invisible onlays and fillings that are designed to last a lifetime.


Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry


  • Biomimetic dentistry uses less invasive techniques, making it less painful and less destructive to your teeth
  • Because biomimetic dentistry focuses on early intervention and uses the most resilient materials, biomimetic fillings rarely result in root canals


  • Uses materials that are designed to mimic the natural state of your teeth, so that aesthetics, strength, and function are restored
  • Eliminates tooth sensitivity

More Durable

  • Biomimetic fillings are less prone to cracking and leaking than traditional fillings because they are made of materials that can withstand the pressure of daily chewing
  • Designed to last a lifetime, though they can be repaired if need be


  • Much more inexpensive in the long run
  • The restorations are usually repairable, unlike with traditional dental work
  • Less likely to cause a catastrophic loss of teeth in the future, which saves the patient money long-term
  • Aimed at preventing more expensive, invasive procedures like root canals

Better for Your Health  

  • Completely removes old bacteria that causes decay  
  • Seals the tooth, protecting it from new infection
  • Reduces the risk of other oral health issues later on


The doctors of Prescott Dentistry are the only dentists fully trained in biomimetic dentistry in Arizona. Come and see us for a consultation to learn how our holistic approach can benefit you and your family. We look forward to restoring your smile to its beauty and function—naturally!

Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay