Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS Part 2

Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS Part 2

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Last week we introduced part 1 of the article Biomimetic Dentistry FAQs. This week we will finish the remaining FAQs to delve into the details and address any remaining questions regarding this field of dentistry.

Why is Biomimetic Dentistry Different?

Biomimetic dentistry has more of an emphasis on our patient’s long-term dental health. In contrast to just filling cavities like pavement, dentists with a focus on biomimetics can use advanced adhesives and customized onlays – this ensures that if the dental work fails it will be in a way that can be repaired – before severe failure on the biological level. Biomimetic dentistry ensures dental problems are not exacerbated.

Why should I pick Biomimetic Dentistry over traditional?

At Prescott Dentistry we believe that Biomimetic dentistry is better for each individual tooth and for your overall health. Traditional dentistry has many drawbacks that are addressed by biomimetic dentistry. Next to never needing dentistry, the best method is to mimic nature – layer by layer, cusp by cusp. This removes the compromised areas only and provides more effective, stronger bonding methods that seal out infection in the most natural way.

What If I have older silver or white fillings already?

These older fillings may start to fail and show signs of compromise or leakage. At this point it is recommended that you get them replaced with more advanced biomimetic bonding techniques as soon as possible.

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