Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS

Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS

What is it?

Biomimetic dentistry is the treatment of damaged, weak, and decayed teeth by sealing them against infections, which removes the need for between 60%-90% of root canals and crowns generally required of traditional dentistry.

Why is biomimetic dentistry better than traditional dentistry?

While modern engineering has developed newer advanced adhesives and ceramics, traditional dentistry has yet to catch up to this technology. The new smaller onlays involved in biomimetic dentistry work more like actual teeth than the builky porcelain crowns associated with traditional dentistry. The methods used in traditional dentistry can cause the tooth to crack and leak over time, which allows bacteria to attack your teeth from the inside. The biomimetic approach is more durable, and long lasting.

Does Insurance cover biomimetic procedures?

Short answer? Yes. These procedures are billed similarly to those of traditional dentistry. Most biomimetic restorations are viewed by insurance companies the same as a ceramic filling or crown.

Do these procedures take longer to perform?

With biomimetic restorations the whole procedure is performed in a single visit, unlike traditional dentistry where a second visit is generally required. The biomimetic method is also more time efficient in the long term, as these restorations create a stronger repair that is less likely to crack or break, saving both money and time. However, the one initial visit is a bit more time intensive due to the delicate nature of the reconstruction.

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