Biomimetic Dentistry Highlights Part II

Biomimetic Dentistry Highlights Part II

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In our last blog post, we highlighted some notable facts about biomimetic dentistry and the advantages it has over traditional dentistry. We couldn’t fit all of the fascinating information in one short blog post, so we’ve put together a second installment! After you’ve learned a bit more about biomimetic dentistry, contact Prescott Dentistry to schedule your appointment and experience this minimally invasive form of dentistry first hand!

  • In many instances, root canals can be completely avoided using biomimetic principles. This is accomplished by limiting removal of healthy tooth structure and sealing out bacteria.
  • Biomimetic dentistry minimizes the risks involved with the shrinkage of fillings which can result in gaps that make teeth vulnerable to infection & decay.
  • Traditional crowns can require the dentist to remove 70% of the original tooth structure, this amputation of healthy tooth structure can lead to issues down the road. The biomimetic approach requires little to no removal of healthy tooth structure.
  • Biomimetic dentistry can be summed up in two parts. First, it is conservative because these methods only replace what is damaged. Second, biomimetic methods are strong because these biocompatible materials replicate biological design.

Want to learn more about biomimetic dentistry in Prescott? Give us a call today or discuss it with Dr. Thompson at your next appointment!

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