With Biomimetic Dentistry, Less is More

With Biomimetic Dentistry, Less is More

In previous articles, we’ve discussed Biomimetic Dentistry and it’s focus on mimicking nature. However, another easy way to understand what Biomimetic dentistry encompasses are the sayings “less dentistry is the best dentistry” and “there is no dentistry like no dentistry.” For those of you who suffer from dental fear, those two sayings might cause a huge sense or relief to wash over you. Less invasiveness, less amputation, and more conservative approaches are all apt descriptions of Biomimetic Dentistry.

The heart and brain of the tooth is the pulp. Biomimetic dentistry aims to preserve that pulp rather than remove it entirely. Not only is this more conservative in the sense that more of your mouth is being saved as opposed to amputated, it also has positive economic implications. Invasive traditional dental procedures can be overly costly and unnecessarily extensive. Biomimetic dentistry saves your teeth and your wallet from a lot of unneeded trauma.

This form of dentistry is largely influenced by preventative dentistry, however, if old fillings and tooth decay exist, they can still be treated with more conservative techniques and materials. Periodontal problems and tooth infections also can be treated with modern therapies and proper home care instead of the resection of tissue.

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/18/2015) Vratislav Darmek (Flickr)