Biomimetic Dentistry as a Natural Approach to Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry as a Natural Approach

Biomimetic Dentistry as a Natural Approach to Dentistry

In order to fix a damaged or aching tooth, most dental practices offer typical treatments, such as crowns or bridges. These treatments are certainly necessary at times. However, here at Prescott Dentistry, we treat dental issues from a different frame of reference in order to help us avoid these procedures whenever possible. Biomimetic Dentistry as a natural approach gives the staff at Prescott Dentistry the ability to treat the same conditions with a less invasive approach. Biomimetic Dentistry is a specific dental practice that uses treatments and special procedures that mimic our natural teeth. These practices not only avoid heavy drilling but also prevent potentially toxic fillings. Our methods allow for less painful procedures and onlays or fillings that even look identical to the client’s existing teeth.

The Biomimetic practices used at Prescott Dentistry are intended to treat dental issues early and to use the best techniques possible for the client. Standard dental practices do not take into consideration that the conditions of our teeth and gums can change frequently and can cause previous treatments to fail or be less effective. With Biomimetic Dentistry, dentists can control how the teeth are treated and can create special onlays and fillings that are much more resistant to the pressure applied when chewing. Prescott Dentistry also uses materials that are much more natural and mimic the natural structure of our teeth, leading to a strong and long-lasting treatment. At Prescott Dentistry, clients can also request that their treatment be fluoride-free, whereas more standard practices use fluoride in a multitude of procedures.

The main practices used at Prescott Dentistry that differ from standard dental practices include:

  • Ridding the mouth completely of bacteria and infection
  • Reducing tooth and gum sensitivity
  • Entirely sealing out bacteria and restoring teeth
  • Restoring tooth function and strength

If you’re looking for a more natural approach to your dental needs, call and make an appointment today at Prescott Dentistry, located in the heart of Prescott!

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