Biomimetic Dentistry – All Natural

Biomimetic Dentistry – All Natural

“All Natural” is all the rage these days. Backlash to the pre-internet age where there was very little consumer knowledge has moved organic, natural, and sustainable products to the forefront of the marketplace. Social acceptance for healthy eating and healthy living seems to be on the rise and has gained importance significantly in contrast to the peak of fast food culture 10-15 years ago. This trend isn’t just limited to food, shoes, and cars. The medical world has also begun to take more cues from nature with more sustainable and preventative practices.

Biomimetic Dentistry is the “All Natural” of the dentistry world. To some of you that just reads “more expensive,” while that might be true for Whole Foods and the organic food world, Biomimetic dentistry can actually save you money by allowing you to avoid more invasive, costly dental procedures down the road. The key is to treat the weakened teeth earlier, saving the healthy enamel, creating a stronger foundation for Biomimetic bonding.

Biomimetic bonding techniques can save your teeth by removing old bacteria, sealing out new infections & bacteria, restoring natural function and strength, and essentially eliminating sensitivity.

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Image used under creative commons license – commercial use (09/05/2014) Nicholas A. Tonelli (Flickr)