Biomimetic Dentistry: The Economics

Biomimetic Dentistry: The Economics

Biomimetic dentistry, as discussed at length on this blog, champions the benefits of tooth-conserving dentistry. In short, biomimetic methods allow dentists to forgo endodontic therapy, extraction, and crowns by using a more conservative approach aimed toward a conservative restoration that more closely resembles the tooth’s natural design. It sounds nice of course – but what does it cost?


The conservative methods used in biomimetic dentistry naturally extend to the economic side of the spectrum. These treatments are usually much more inexpensive in the long run, and the restorations are very often reparable. Biomimetic treatment is often much more comfortable to the patient, avoiding the “take no prisoners, drill and fill” style often associated with traditional dentistry. Less is more in every aspect of biomimetics. These procedures are less likely to cause a catastrophic loss of teeth in the future – thus saving patients money.

Of course the most cost effective way to manage your dental health is to practice preventative care: brush twice a day, floss daily, and schedule your biannual dental visits. For a great read on the economics and science behind biomimetic dentistry, read this article. Or for more information on biomimetic dentistry or to schedule an appointment to experience it in person give us a call! (928) 445-1660

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