Biomimetic Science News: Bioactive Glass Fillings that Repair Tooth Decay!


27 Oct Biomimetic Science News: Bioactive Glass Fillings that Repair Tooth Decay!

Lately it seems like nearly every day new scientific findings relating to biomimetic dentistry or other more advanced, less-invasive ways of approaching dentistry are discovered or engineered. Today is another one of those days! Experts from the Queen Mary University of London have developed a new technology known as bioactive glass that more than just blocks cavities–it repairs tooth decay!

This new compound actively releases minerals like phosphate, calcium and fluoride to replace what the tooth loses during the decay process which enables the tooth to repair itself. This process actively combats bacterial damage and has the potential to reduce the size and number of cavities. It is believed that these fillings will last a lifetime and have almost zero risk of falling out!

This new technology is another step away from mercury and other metal based amalgam fillings–to safer and more aesthetically pleasing white fillings that help heal your teeth. Once brought to market, this new bioactive glass could dramatically change the world of dentistry.

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/25/2016) NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (Flickr)

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