Bonding For Your Teeth

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Bonding For Your Teeth

When we think of bonding, we think of connections; sticking closely to someone or something. There are many types of bonds in life such as with loved ones, friends, communities, hobbies, etc. Another type of bond is material bonding such as to teeth. Tooth bonding numerous benefits. One common one is to improve the appearance of your smile. Prescott Dentistry, located in Prescott, Arizona, provides excellent cosmetic dentistry services to get you the smile you’ve always hoped for, including tooth bonding!

What is Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic Dental bonding is a technique that utilizes tooth colored porcelain composite to change or restore the shape, size, or color of your teeth. Bonding utilizes adhesive technology to maintain or restore the strength and function of your teeth, naturally and aesthetically. The adhesive nature of bonding makes for a very minimally-invasive procedure, as it can be applied to the tooth without the need to drill down healthy enamel. All this is done in a single visit and is less costly than crowns or caps!

Some conditions that Cosmetic Bonding can treat include:

  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth
  • Tooth Discoloration
  • Misshaped Teeth
  • Decayed Teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth

Cosmetic Dental Bonding can provide many benefits including less shots and drilling and it is very cost effective. To see how Cosmetic Dental bonding can help you, connect with your local dentist at Prescott Dentistry. We would be glad to help determine the best fit for your general and cosmetic dentistry needs.


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