Boy Scouts of America

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Boy Scouts of America

Did you know the Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth groups in the United States? To date, the Boy Scouts of America has had more than 2.4 million children participate. The organization has troops all across the United States, with different divisions for different age groups. The Cub Scouts is for ages ranging between seven and eleven years old, and Boy Scouts is for those aged between eleven and eighteen. For young girls, there is a similar organization that is also country-wide, known as the Girl Scouts. At Prescott Dentistry, we believe in the value of volunteer organizations and in the stability and growth they bring to individuals, families, and communities.

Learn About Life Through Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Boys, girls, and young adults can be tremendously impacted through Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Life lessons and skills are demonstrated and taught through outdoor activities, educational programs, community outreaches, and even through career-oriented events for the older participants. According to the Boy Scouts website, participants will learn “Trustworthiness, good citizenship, and outdoor skills, through a variety of activities such as camping, aquatics, and hiking” (Boy Scouts of America, 2018). Many Girl Scout troops also participate in similar activities, helping their members grow in character, acquire outdoor skills, and practice becoming a good member of their communities.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops teach manners and respect for others and prepare children for school and future careers. Through instilling values of hard work and dedication, troop members can grow into well-rounded, intelligent adults who value their local town, city, and region.  

These two organizations run on the volunteer help of dedicated adults. In the Boy Scouts alone, there are about one million adult volunteers. Offering free time to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as volunteer troop leaders enables more children to be able to participate in the Boy Scout and Girl Scout clubs.

At Prescott Dentistry, we support those who have participated in Boy Scouts and Girl Scout clubs, as well as in other volunteer associations. Many of our community outreach events have been done in partnership with local Boy Scout troops and we have sponsored several of their events. Doctor Thompson is an active adult volunteer. We value these groups because they bring our community together by fostering cooperation, collaboration, and cordiality. At Prescott Dentistry, we honor all who give of their time and energy to the organizations that serve our region.

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