Can smiling a certain way make you more attractive?

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Can smiling a certain way make you more attractive?

Some of us are still on the market looking for that special someone; some of us just like to look good for ourselves or our spouse! Whatever the reason we have for wanting to look good, having a beautiful, healthy smile is a huge factor in how we look and feel. So after you’ve had your teeth cleaned, restored and whitened, you might be wondering… is there a certain special way to actually perform the act of smiling? While this may seem like an odd question, there appears to be some legitimate data to answer the question–especially for women.

This question has been studied in the past with results indicating that the genuine “Duchenne” smile is perceived as more honest and approachable. Some people refer to this as “smiling with your eyes”. However, a study conducted by the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has some interesting findings relating to which users performed best based on certain aspects of their profile photo.

As silly as it sounds, for the ladies, smiling while tilting your head slightly to the side provided the best results according to the study. For those profile photos that received a higher number of likes than dislikes, a staggering 71% of the women were smiling and tilting their heads to the side. Fifty-eight percent were showing their teeth while smiling. So if you’re trying to get that perfect photo, consider tilting your head to the side and showing off those pearly whites!

For men, those who had the highest percentage of “likes” 79% were smiling with their teeth. No head tilting statistics to report as it relates to men. Oddly enough, 0% of those in the higher percentile of “likes” were laughing in their photo. Perhaps the “genuine smile” isn’t as important or is preferred in moderation for those using this dating app.

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