Can Your Dentist Spot Diabetes?

Can Your Dentist Spot Diabetes

Can Your Dentist Spot Diabetes?


At Prescott Dentistry we understand that the health of all parts of the body are linked.  The health of your mouth affects more than just what’s above your shoulders, and the rest of your body can certainly affect your teeth and gums. Because of this, the state of your smile can be an indicator for other problems that might be found elsewhere in your body. This is why continually monitoring your dental health and restoring your teeth to their original, natural form and function is so important through the science and practice of biomimetic dentistry.

One example of this body-mouth connection comes from recent research that severe gum disease may in fact be in an indicator of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.

The study discovered that a stunning 20% of people with severe periodontitis (gum disease) suffered from type 2 diabetes but didn’t know it. This is critical because both diabetes and periodontitis require early diagnosis to prevent further complications. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that 285 million people worldwide have diabetes, and it is suspected that nearly ⅓ could be unaware of it.

Because people with diabetes aren’t as able to fight off infection and inflammation, they generally  don’t respond very well to periodontal therapy. This is when your dentist knows to send you to your doctor to get tested for diabetes. Once the diabetes condition is under control, the gum disease can be easier to treat. The relationship of treating one assisting the other seems to work in both directions, but it is still unclear if there is any cause-and-effect relationship.

Are you suffering from severe gum disease and fear you may have diabetes? Contact Prescott Dentistry today and we will work in collaboration with your primary health care provider to help optimize your overall health and well being.

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