Cosmetic Dentistry: What it Entails Part 1

Cosmetic Dentistry: What it Entails Part 1

Cosmetic Dentist Prescott

Are you lacking confidence? Is your smile holding you back in your professional and personal life? After a cosmetic consultation with our staff you will no longer be hiding your potential behind stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. Unlike costly and invasive plastic surgery, in many cases cosmetic dentistry in Prescott, Arizona can be achieved in just 1-2 visits. These dramatic and nearly instantaneous results can transform your appearance.

  • Teeth Whitening – Have your teeth lost their “sparkle”? In just under an hour our staff can treat your stained, aging, or discolored teeth with the most advanced whitening techniques. To maintain lasting results take advantage of at-home treatments.
  • Ultra-Thin Porcelain Veneers – Customize and refine your smile with thin porcelain veneer shells fitted specifically to your existing teeth. This potentially life changing procedure takes only two visits! After your new perfected smile is in place you’ll wonder why you didn’t act sooner. If your natural teeth are extremely broken down, the procedure can still be completed by applying protective porcelain crowns.
  • Replace Old Dentures – Modern dentures are fabricated in-office to match your skin and remaining teeth. These dentures and partial dentures resemble your natural teeth more closely and are much more comfortable. Our staff can also reline or replace dentures that no longer fit properly due to aging jaws, allowing you to chew without pain.

Check back in next week for the second installment detailing cosmetic dentistry in Prescott. If you are ready to begin transforming your appearance, contact the staff at Prescott Dentistry for your cosmetic consultation to plan the future of your smile!

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