Cosmetic Dentistry: What it Entails Part 2

Cosmetic Dentistry: What it Entails Part 2

Cosmetic Dentist Prescott, AZ

As we discussed in last week’s article, for those of you lacking confidence in your personal and professional life there are many options to enhance your smile and overall appearance. There’s no need to head down to the Valley to get excellent service, you can obtain professional cosmetic dentistry in Prescott, AZ in just one or two visits.

  • Dental Implants – Unlike bridges and other temporary solutions, dental implants are anchored permanently to your jaw. These artificial teeth are superior to dentures because they are never removed and always fit perfectly. It’s feels almost as though you have your natural teeth back or for the first time.
  • Biomimetics – Our staff can replace your old silver-mercury fillings with layers of biomimetic cosmetic bonded fillings that resemble your natural teeth more closely and are healthier and are longer lasting.
  • Cosmetic Contouring & Bonding – If you feel the shape of your teeth need just a slight touch-up, the doctors at Prescott Dentistry can use cutting edge bonded materials and techniques to shape the look and feel of your smile. This quick, affordable, and painless procedure is a great way to address minor flaws and chipped teeth.

Thank you for checking in on our second installment highlighting cosmetic dentistry in Prescott, AZ. Ready to transform your appearance and elevate your confidence level? Contact Prescott Dentistry today and change how you feel about your smile for the better!

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