Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Plastic Surgery

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Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Plastic Surgery

It may seem like Cosmetic Dentistry and Plastic Surgery are cohorts and not necessarily competitors. I believe it would be more accurate to describe them as peers, sometimes competing and sometimes working together.

Before we delve into the pros, cons, and differences, let’s clear the air about something. Many people will dismiss this article offhand due to previously held biases regarding the vanity involved in plastic surgery and some extent cosmetic dentistry. However, not only are people with straight teeth perceived as smarter and more successful, another study also suggests having whiter teeth makes you appear significantly more employable. So the ethics of judging someone on their appearance aside, there are tangible benefits to having nice looking teeth and good looks.

However, to those still holding on to their biases and the stigmas surrounding plastic surgery, many cosmetic dentistry procedures can actually circumvent the need for plastic surgery. A smile makeover “face lift” gives a fuller look to your face, lips, and cheeks by lengthening your back teeth to combat the process of teeth grinding. This eliminates the appearance of a “caved in face.”

If that little tidbit about having whiter teeth making you more employable caught your eye, tooth whitening procedures are another quick and affordable way to improve your smile. These procedures can be completed in 1-2 visits. This is another significant advantage to cosmetic dentistry over plastic surgery, the recovery time and surgical risks are significantly less without the need for general anesthesia and invasive surgery.

If a patient wants a completely revamped appearance plastic surgery may still be necessary, and can work hand in hand cosmetic dentistry perfectly. However, if you’re just looking for that extra twinkle in your smile cosmetic dentistry is a great way to go.

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