A Cure for Sensitive Teeth?

A Cure for Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive Teeth

Does a bowl of cold ice cream or a hot coffee make you cringe instead of bring you satisfaction? Many of us who suffer from sensitive teeth don’t get the same enjoyment out of treats other people commonly do. Soon, however, that might change.

A new study released in the journal ACS Nano has unveiled a new biomaterial that is capable of rebuilding worn enamel which could reduce tooth sensitivity for extended periods of time. Tooth sensitivity is caused by degraded enamel which allows nerves to become more vulnerable to temperature.

This exposure is currently treated by products like special toothpastes, however, the seal created doesn’t stand up to every day wear and tear. Chun-Pin Lin and colleagues wanted to discover a more lasting and durable solution to the condition.

A paste was created based on the main elemental building blocks of teeth – calcium and phosphorus. This paste was tested on dogs and has shown to be effective in sealing exposed tubes that create the nerve vulnerability.

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (1/14/2014) Chris Barnes (Flickr)