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Dental Bridges

When we have gaps in our lives, we want a way to bridge them. One way to do that for the gaps in our oral health, is through dental bridges. Dental bridges are a way to replace missing teeth, improve daily functioning and increase the ability to eat and speak. Bridges also improve the appearance of your smile. Prescott Dentistry, located in Prescott Arizona are experts in quality bridge-work. We believe in providing the best dental health services possible and partnering with you as the client to achieve the desired outcome.

Basics of a Dental Bridge

Everyday activities of eating or speaking are affected negatively when teeth are missing and can even create concern for the long-term function of your mouth. What a dental bridge does is use your existing teeth to provide support to replace missing teeth in your mouth. Support is created on both sides of the gap, usually consisting of crowns on your natural teeth, with a replacement tooth (pontic) in the middle. This literally bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to restore the gaps that are left by missing teeth. The main benefits of dental bridges are:

  • Improved daily functioning for eating and speaking.
  • Restored appearance of your smile.  
  • Prevents other teeth from collapsing into the gap, causing issues with the jawbone and surrounding teeth.

Whether you are wanting to address the painful issues caused by missing teeth, or to improve the aesthetics of your smile, we are here to help!


The process for getting dental bridgework done is usually accomplished within two visits to your friendly dentist at Prescott Dentistry. In those visits, custom fit molds for crowns are created, and your mouth is prepared for the bridge. Following the procedure, you will have a natural feeling restored mouth with a smile and function.

Contact us today to hear more specifics on dental bridges and if this is the right fit for you!


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