Edible and Medicinal Plants of Prescott

Prescott Dentistry always encourages their patients to participate in outdoor activities

Edible and Medicinal Plants of Prescott

Prescott is home to beautiful natural monuments like Thumb Butte, as well as many lakes and  splendid hiking trails. If, like many of the residents of Prescott and Prescott Valley, you love outdoor activities—hiking, camping, boating, kayaking, and more—you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Herbal Wisdom Institute of Cave Creek. While out there enjoying nature, have you ever wondered what the plants in our region are called, or whether they have a use in food or medicines? The Herbal Wisdom Institute of Cave Creek is hosting a fun event to inform local residents about our abundant and beautiful local flora. As part of the event they’ll be highlighting various medicinal properties for plants found in our region. We at Prescott Dentistry love our region and love to connect you with happenings of the area. The Herbal Wisdom Institute is just a short drive from Prescott, so plan to attend this informative and delightful day! Details are below.

Cave Creek Useful and Medicinal Plants

What: Enjoy a beautiful, educational walk through Cave Creek Arizona, and discover the many uses of native plant life. The walks are hosted by Kris Vaughan, who will teach about both traditional and historical uses for various plants. Learn about local Arizona flora and get educated about plants that are safe for consumption as food, or as medicinal aids.

When: Saturday, February 10th from 8:30am to 11:30am

Where: The location is still being determined, but it will be hosted in Cave Creek, Arizona

Cost: $35 per person. To sign up, please contact Kris Vaughan at 928-227-2760

This educational herb walk will give participants an in-depth look at the native plant life of Arizona, while providing light exercise and scenic views. Anyone who camps or hikes or spends time in the outdoors will benefit by learning about herbs that can be used to treat people in certain outdoor emergency situations. Participants will also enjoy hearing about how plants were used historically.

For healthy living, Prescott Dentistry always encourages their patients to participate in outdoor activities. The herb walk is a great way to get some weekend exercise and is a fun, educational look at our region’s flora. At Prescott Dentistry we want our patients to be at their peak health, one reason we recommend eating healthy foods, exercising, and of course, brushing and flossing their teeth!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/1/2017)  Olds College (Flickr)