Five Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Five Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Five Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Welcome to our blog! We are a leading dental care practice in Prescott, Arizona. We’re committed to providing patients the best care in a fun, pleasant environment. Here are 5 tips to keep your teeth healthy.

1. Brush – This should be a no-brainer and we bet everybody reading this brushes daily. Brushing once a day? Commit to brushing twice daily. Brushing twice daily? Consider how you’re brushing. Gentle, gentle, gentle. Don’t scrub, use a toothbrush marked ‘soft’ and don’t grip the handle more gently than you think you should.Mastered those? Think about how long you brush. Dentists recommend that you spend 2 minutes brushing, twice per day. Most adult Americans spend about 30 to 45 seconds brushing. Turn on the radio and brush for most of a pop song. Sing Happy Birthday all the way through in your head and brush the whole time. Or, use an egg timer if that’s easier.

2. Floss daily – See our previous post about flossing. Flossing regularly really is vital to dental health. Brushing is excellent but your toothbrush can’t reach everywhere. Flossing gently and completely once per day helps remove food particles at the gumline, where most dental trouble starts.

3. See your dentist every 6 months – This one should be easy, so don’t let it slip off your radar. Our staff will offer to make your next appointment when you check out. Take that opportunity! You can always change the appointment later if your schedule changes. But if you get your next appointment on the books with us, we’ll give you a reminder call when it’s time to come in.

4. Limit sweets and sugary beverages – New research shows that sticky sweets are the worst for your teeth since they get stuck in the crevices between teeth and cause decay more quickly. Avoid those gummy bears, Peeps and orange candy peanuts! Have a sweet tooth? Chew sugarless gum, which research shows helps prevent cavities and decay. If you have candy or drink sugary beverages, rinse your mouth afterwards with water or drink some plain milk. Like our Facebook page to see our regular posts on dental do’s and don’ts.

5. Live an overall healthier lifestyle – Being healthy overall will help you keep your teeth functioning in top condition for your entire life. Of course, this being New Year’s Resolution time, many of our readers have probably already made – and possibly already broken – this resolution. Try setting small, achievable goals. Exercise a one more time per week than you already do. Substitute one healthy food for one not-so-healthy food. Put more color on your plate (starches are beige; veggies and fruits are rainbow colored, so eating more colors means you’re automatically eating healthier). Eat dessert half the time. If your goals are small and achievable like these ideas, you’ll be on your way to a healthier you and healthier teeth.

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We’ll see you soon!

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