Gentle Dentistry: Prescott Dentistry’s Complimentary Comfort Menu

Gentle Dentistry

Gentle Dentistry: Prescott Dentistry’s Complimentary Comfort Menu

At Prescott Dentistry we strive to create a soothing and comfortable environment to make sure you have a positive experience, even if you suffer from dental fear or waiting room anxiety. If you do suffer from dental phobia, you’re not alone. According to Colgate’s Oral Health Center, it is estimated that between 9% and 15% of Americans actually avoid going to the dentist do to fear.

However, it is important to try and overcome your fears because those who suffer from dental fear often experience poorer overall health and a lowered life expectancy due to oral health’s connection to more serious illnesses including lung infections, pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. The staff at Prescott Dentistry strive to help you overcome those fears with a complimentary comfort menu. We offer the following gentle dentistry options to make your experience a pleasant one:

  • Heated Neck Wrap
    • Lightly sprayed with Aveda soothing oils
  • Cooling Eye Pillow

    • Unscented flax seed pillow

  • Blanket

    • Supersoft microplush throw

  • Neck/Lumbar Pillow

    Additional options for Restorative Treatment appointments:

  • Music (Headphones)

    • Genre Preference

  • View a Movie/Show

    • Preference

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