Got a Tooth Knocked Out?

Got a Tooth Knocked Out?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Prescott, Arizona

Last week we delved into some of the rejuvenating cosmetic procedures Prescott Dentistry offers. However, we only touched the surface. So take a deep breath, we’re about to go deeper! We already focused on restoring the coloration of our patient’s teeth via our advanced whitening process and rapidly restructuring smiles with porcelain veneers. So what else does Prescott Dentistry have to offer?

Replace your lost teeth with dental implants! Are you suffering from natural tooth loss? Maybe after you lost a baby tooth the new one just never came in? Or maybe you just play a lot of hockey or full contact martial arts and had a few knocked loose? Whatever the reason may be, Prescott Dentistry offers implants which are artificial teeth permanently anchored to the jaw. Far superior to dentures that have to be taken out. Implants are permanent and mimic having your natural teeth again.

Perhaps you aren’t the rambunctious type to get your entire tooth knocked out, maybe you just tripped on your yoga mat and chipped your tooth a bit. Despite the cause, Prescott Dentistry has the answer. Bonding and cosmetic contouring can restore your smile to its former brilliance, or even improve it. Using the latest boned materials to sculpt teeth, bonding is a quick, painless, and affordable way to fix minor cosmetic injuries and flaws.

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