How to Help Support the Children of Prescott

How to Help Support the Children of Prescott

How to Help Support the Children of Prescott

Prescott Arizona is one of the most beloved towns in Arizona, know for its beautiful scenery and its wonderful, selfless, thriving community. Most residents of Prescott would probably agree that helping our community is and should be a top priority. Thanks to the kind-hearted members of the community, Prescott holds many charity events, fundraisers, and food drives throughout the year to benefit others in the city that need help. This year, Prescott Dentistry would like to highlight an enjoyable and entertaining event occurring this Spring: Dancing with the Stars. By reading this week’s blog post, you’ll discover how to help support the children of Prescott, Arizona, by attending this Dancing with the Stars event.

What is Dancing With the Stars, and Who Does it Benefit?

Prescott’s Dancing with the Stars event pairs a local “celebrity” with a professional dancer. Some of the local celebrities are doctors in the city, or they run school programs or provide religious services, or they’re small business owners. One common ingredient of each local celebrity chosen is that they dedicate their time and money to serving the community.

The dancing pairs will perform choreographed dances and compete for audience votes. The event is sure to be as entertaining as it is beneficial to the community. It’s a catered occasion, offering great meals and cocktails. There will also be a red carpet area set up for you to take fun photos with your family, friends, and even with your favorite local celebrity.

While it’s sure to be great fun, the entertainment isn’t the best part of this event. The dedicated staff at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona have set this event up as a fundraiser. The tickets, votes for celebrities, and sponsorship opportunities all benefit the Boy and Girls Club. This means that children in our region between the ages of 6 and 18 are being given opportunities that they would not have had otherwise.

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona helps to establish affordable programs for children after school and over Summer breaks. Many of the programs focus on teaching leadership skills or how to be good citizens and members of the community. The classes and clubs offered by the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona also help to teach healthy eating and living, and offer classes that teach the skills necessary for academic success.

This is a wonderful event intended to raise money for the children of our community, to assist them in becoming successful members of our community, and to give them a brighter future. As a local Prescott business, Prescott Dentistry encourages our patients to attend Dancing with the Stars. While we are known for holistic preventative care and biomimetic dental practices, our caring staff members enjoy participating in activities that benefit our city. We encourage supporting the children of Prescott and any other events that help those in need.

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