Holiday Dental Tips for Kids

keeping your children's teeth healthy over the holidays

Holiday Dental Tips for Kids

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy over the holidays can be tricky. The holiday season is filled with sugary treats and drinks, as we all know. At Prescott dentistry, we want to make sure your children’s smiles continue to shine bright all year. The following are some holiday dental tips for kids to keep their teeth healthy and strong, while still having fun this holiday season.

Teeth are not tools

Kids especially may be tempted to use their teeth to open gifts and snacks. While this isn’t good for anyone’s teeth, children in particular should avoid this because their teeth are still developing. This bad habit can lead to tooth or gum damage and costly dental visits. Make sure to help them with opening presents and goodies.

Watch that Sweet Tooth

Kids are exposed to a lot of sugary treats this time of year. Managing their sugar intake is probably the biggest challenge in keeping your children’s teeth healthy over the holidays. But it is very important to be mindful of their sugar intake. Bacteria in the mouth love to eat sugar as much as your kids do! When they do, they release acid that attacks your child’s enamel, leading to tooth decay and cavities.

Candy canes and other hard candies are the worst because of their high sugar content. They also stay in the mouth longer. Replacing these with fun, healthy treats you can easily make at home is a great idea. Kids and adults will love them!

Make oral hygiene fun

Many kids hate brushing their teeth and it can become a battle. But it is especially important this time of year to make sure to stick to their regular oral hygiene routine. Let your kids pick out their very own holiday toothbrush. Or replace one of their gifts with an electric toothbrush of their favorite superhero. You can even play or sing their favorite holiday song while they brush. For kids that are particularly reluctant to brush, there are apps you can download to make brushing even more fun. Don’t forget to floss too! You can pick up themed flossers at any drugstore to make flossing fun and easy.

We hope these holiday dental tips for kids were helpful! Keeping your children’s teeth healthy over the holidays is one of our top priorities. Here at Prescott Dentistry, we are committed to ensuring that your whole family has a great experience. So start 2019 off right by calling us today to schedule an appointment for you and your children!


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