Holiday Opportunities in Prescott, Arizona

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities in Prescott, Arizona

Holiday Opportunities in Prescott, Arizona

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to give back to the community by helping families in need? With the holidays now upon us, many organizations are looking for volunteers to help provide food, clothing, and even toys to families in need.

Prescott, Arizona is home to a tight-knit community of people known for their readiness to help others. There are many opportunities around the holiday season that benefit those in need. Many churches, nonprofit groups, and animal rescue organizations hold volunteer opportunities or donation drives to help serve food to the homeless and disadvantaged. Some of the events are intended to collect clothes and blankets.  Other events, such as gift donation drives ensure that all of the children in the community have presents for the holiday. Many businesses even hold canned food drives, where members of the community donate non perishable food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, animal shelters, and children’s homes.

Many local hospitals also allow volunteers to visit their patients to help provide comfort to both adults and children who may not be able to visit their families during the holiday season. The volunteer opportunities at hospitals include: providing patients with social interaction or musical entertainment, as well as opportunities to pass out presents to the children who were admitted to the hospital over the holiday.  

Here are a few of our local organizations that are offering volunteer opportunities in Prescott this season and ways they are looking for people to help:

  • Prescott Community Cupboard: grant writing, collecting items from local food drives
  • Yavapai Food Bank: food collection from food drive events, disbursing food items to community, assisting in fundraising events
  • Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation: assisting at fundraising events, collecting gifts at toy drives
  • Prescott Meals on Wheels: helping during special events, serving and cleaning during kitchen hours, drivers to collect and disburse food
  • Yavapai Humane Society: dog walking, assisting at donation events, kennel cleaning, cat and dog socialization, collecting food and blankets for animals within the facility

At Prescott Dentistry, caring for the community is one of our core values. This holiday season, the staff at Prescott Dentistry encourage our patients to consider giving back to the community by gifting toys, food, or blankets to those in need or by volunteering time at a local soup kitchen or shelter. Let’s make this a season of giving!

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