The Benefits of Switching to Holistic Dentistry in Prescott

Holistic Dental Care Prescott

The Benefits of Switching to Holistic Dentistry in Prescott

Holistic Dental Care Prescott

We understand you probably have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a dentist, and that you might have questions about what makes holistic dentistry in Prescott different from traditional dentistry practices. Read on to find out why we think you should make the switch to holistic dentistry at Prescott Dentistry!

We Understand the Mouth-Body Connection

One of the hallmarks of holistic dentistry is that we understand that what is happening in the mouth is connected to what’s happening in the body, and vice versa. They cannot be separated. This means that we care about how your dental health is affecting your overall physical and psychological health. And likewise, we also look at what’s happening in the rest of your body and your life, and how those factors might be affecting your dental health. Whereas holistic dentistry focuses on the health of the whole body, traditional dentistry often focuses on dental health alone.

We use Safer Materials

Mercury can have extremely harmful systemic effects on the body. So we provide non-toxic mercury amalgam filling removal. We follow a very specific protocol to ensure safe removal. If you have further questions about this, you may visit our website for more details. Or you may want to set up an in-office consultation to determine your individual needs.

We also provide fluoride alternatives, because while it has benefits when applied topically, we understand that some families have concerns about ingesting fluoride. We have mineral cremes, mineral mouthwashes, and tooth powder. If this is something you are interested in, feel free to ask us about these options.

We care about our patients with chemical sensitivities and environmental intolerances, so we provide material biocompatibility testing. This is a simple blood test that determines which materials will work best for each individual.

We Focus on Prevention

We believe that prevention is the most important component of holistic dentistry. While good brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings are important, we actually go even further to ensure the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. We encourage the use of dental probiotics, ozone and oxygen therapy, and xylitol to combat harmful bacteria. We also understand the importance of good nutrition. It can help prevent an acidic environment that leads to many oral and dental problems.

We use Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic means to “mimic nature.” Using biomimetic dentistry practices, we will always work to restore your mouth to its most natural state through the use of advanced bonding techniques and biocompatible materials. This helps us avoid more invasive techniques, like root canals and crowns. We are the only fully trained biomimetic dentists in Arizona.

We hope this answers some questions you may have about biologic holistic dentistry in Prescott. Be sure to check out our services for more detailed information. Schedule an appointment with our staff at Prescott Dentistry today to talk about your unique needs!

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