Holistic Preventative Options for our Prescott-Based Patients

Holistic Preventative Options for our Prescott-Based Patients

Holistic Preventative Options for our Prescott-Based Patients

Prescott Dentistry is known across Northern Arizona for offering a natural approach to dentistry. Wherever possible, we choose holistic alternatives over invasive procedures or chemically-based products. As an office that promotes biomimetic dentistry—the use of practices and that mimic the natural structure and function of our existing teeth—we believe in holistic preventative options for our Prescott-based patients.

What is Holistic Preventative Care?

Rather than focusing on mediation of dental problems, our priority is to do everything possible to prevent tooth decay and other issues from occurring. With our preemptive approach, we recommend certain toothpastes and mouthwashes that actually help to heal your teeth. And in order to eliminate any negative impact, before we use certain materials in your mouth, we’ll run tests to check whether they’re compatible with your body.

One key preventative option includes eliminating exposure to fluoride. Many parents worry about their children’s exposure to fluoride, which can be toxic in high doses (Fluoride Action Network, 2018). Our office recommends toothpastes or powders that are fluoride-free but still dentist approved.

Two additional preventative measures are the use of dental probiotics and ozone/oxygen therapy for combating oral bacteria. Probiotics help to strengthen the healthy bacteria in our systems, while eliminating bad bacteria (US National Library of Medicine, 2010). Ozone therapy uses a type of gas that actually eliminates bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth (Healthline, 2017). A proactive dental approach using holistic methods that work to strengthen your body can make a dramatic difference in preventing dental caries (cavities) and other dental problems.

The Staff at Prescott Dentistry have been practicing natural-based approaches to modern dentistry for years. If you’re concerned about exposure to fluoride, heavy chemicals, or the use of traditional dental methods that require excess drilling and manipulation of existing teeth, Prescott Dentistry offers your family healthier, natural choices. We invite you to contact our office for more information. We’ll be glad to discuss with you our holistic preventative options for our Prescott based patients.

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