How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?

how often should a child go to the dentist

How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?

Nearly half (46%) of all adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease. One of the best ways to prevent gum disease is with regular dental cleanings. Most of us know this, but you may still be asking yourself—how often should I go to the dentist? If you are like most people, you have probably heard that you should go to the dentist twice a year. Is this one-size-fits-all recommendation really accurate? The true answer is that it really depends on your individual dental needs and the overall health of your gums and teeth. 

How often should you go to the dentist for a cleaning? 

For some people, twice a year is enough, while others with underlying health issues may need to go more often. To get the best answer to this question, it is important to talk with your dentist for an individual recommendation, based on your unique needs and health history.

Why are regular dental cleanings important? 

Regular cleanings help keep many dental problems from developing in the first place—and they enable your dentist to identify any new issues early on before they become a bigger problem. Additionally, some diseases can have symptoms that can appear in your mouth, so your dentist might notice issues before your doctor. 

At Prescott Dentistry, prevention is always in our mind, and we offer a variety of holistic options to aid in the prevention of dental disease beyond what is traditionally offered. 

What about my children?

How often should a child go to the dentist? According to the CDC, by age 8, over half of children have had a cavity in their primary (baby) teeth. One misconception is that caring for baby teeth is not as important. It is important to care for children’s teeth just like adult teeth. This prevents infection and other complications as well as establishes good oral hygiene habits. 

As with adults, the general recommendation for how often a child should go to the dentist is once every 6 months for ages 2 and over. Just like with adults though, every child is unique and their dental needs may vary, so it is important to discuss the frequency of visits with your dentist. 

Is it time to schedule your next dental cleaning? 

Give Prescott Dentistry a call and experience the benefits of integrative, holistic dental medicine and biomimetic dentistry. We also offer consultations to give you an idea of how our holistic approach to dentistry could benefit your specific health situation. 


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