How to Prevent Getting Stained Teeth

prevent stained teeth

How to Prevent Getting Stained Teeth

Is your smile as pearly white as you want it to be? There are many different ways that teeth can become stained. Teeth can become stained as you age, from things you eat and drink, or from bad habits like smoking. Prescott Dentistry offers several whitening treatment options that can restore your smile’s brilliance. 

Types of Tooth Discoloration

Many different substances can cause tooth stains, and most people will experience tooth staining in their lifetimes. The types of dental discoloration can be broken down into three main categories:


  • Extrinsic Teeth Stains occur on the surface of your teeth. Extrinsic stains are caused by using tobacco, smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and regularly consuming wine or soda. Extrinsic stains are generally easy to prevent by brushing daily with a whitening toothpaste and getting regular dental cleanings.


  • Intrinsic Teeth Stains occur below the surface of your teeth, and are caused by particles in food, drinks, or tobacco products that are able to build up inside your tooth enamel, rather than on the surface of your teeth. Intrinsic stains are much more difficult to remove and may require professional teeth whitening treatments.


  • Age-Related Tooth Stains result from a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration over a person’s lifetime. Dentin, the tissue that makes up the inner part of your teeth, gradually yellows over time because your tooth enamel becomes thinner as you age. Tobacco use and certain foods and beverages can make discoloration worse over the years. 

How Can I Prevent Stained Teeth?

Avoiding foods and drinks that are known to stain teeth will greatly reduce your risk of discoloration. Certain foods like berries, pasta sauces, bright curries, and foods with artificial dyes or colorings have the potential to wreak havoc on your teeth if you don’t practice proper oral hygiene. 

Beverages such as soda, coffee, black tea, and any drinks with artificial dyes can have a staining effect on your teeth if you consume them on a regular basis. Be sure to visit your dentist twice a year for cleanings to keep any food or drink related staining in check. 

Smoking and other forms of tobacco use not only cause tooth staining, they also cause tooth decay, cavities, and put you at increased risk of developing oral cancer. Quitting smoking and all tobacco will enhance the aesthetics of your smile and improve your overall health. 

Treatment for Stained Teeth in Prescott

Stop teeth staining before it starts! With good oral hygiene habits and professional dental cleanings, you can prevent stained teeth and treat any existing tooth stains before they become severe. 

If you have tooth stains and want to brighten your smile, ask the experts at Prescott Dentistry about professional whitening treatments. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or ask us about whitening treatments at your next visit.