How’s your “selfie” smile?

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How’s your “selfie” smile?

When you pull out the ol’ selfie stick to  get a snapshot of you and the family having a great time on the lake, on a hike, or out to dinner, does the whole family smile wide? Are you proud to show off those beautiful pearly whites? Or are there a few hold-outs and pursed lip grins in the group? If there are, that’s not unusual.

A recent survey from The Oral Health Foundation indicated that people who take selfies (photos of themselves), particularly in the United Kingdom, more often smile with their mouths closed to hide their teeth than go with a “toothy” open mouthed smile.

According to the study, only twenty-nine percent indicated that they do in fact smile with their teeth when they are being photographed. Of the majority that that do not smile with their teeth, about thirty-three percent pointed to “discolored teeth” as the largest contributing factor to that decision. The second largest contributor to the shame people had regarding their oral state? Crooked or uneven teeth. About two thirds of those served did smile for these selfies, but most just chose to hide their teeth.

Another disturbing fact revealed from this survey? Fifty-five percent of adults revealed that they only brushed once a day. Not a great idea!

If discolored or uneven teeth are causing you to hide your best smile, contact Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your dental checkup, tooth whitening, or other cosmetic dentistry procedure today.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/22/2016) César (Flickr)