Invisalign: Beautiful Form Follows Beautiful Function

Invisalign: Beautiful Form Follows Beautiful Function

Invisalign Prescott, AZ

Your appearance isn’t the only thing that benefits from having straight teeth – your health does too! We all enjoy the look of straighter teeth, the beauty of symmetry that we are all innately attracted to. However, the following advantages are examples of how proper alignment with Invisalign in Prescott, AZ go beyond just appearance:

Healthy Gums

The warning signs of periodontal gum disease are painful, swollen, and red gums – which happen to be the same symptoms that crowded teeth cause. Teeth that are spaced far apart can also cause gum damage from impacted food. Properly aligned teeth make gums less vulnerable to decay and tend to be healthier than gums with crooked, crowded, or unevenly spaced teeth.

Healthy Teeth

Crooked and improperly aligned teeth cause many issues. Teeth that are too crowded can lead to cavities and decay because of the difficulty of keeping them clean. Improper alignment can lead to fracturing, chipping, and damaging teeth due to biting forces that are unevenly distributed.

Healthy Heart, Body, and Mind

As we have discussed in a previous blog article, your dental health is completely interconnected with your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Keep your dental hygiene in order as a first line of defense for your entire body.

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