Is it Necessary to Replace Missing Teeth?


Is it Necessary to Replace Missing Teeth?

You are probably aware of how missing teeth can affect your appearance, but they can also impact your oral health and overall health as well—so replacing missing teeth is very important. Our team at Prescott Dentistry wants to share some of the reasons you need to replace missing teeth and the options you have:

Oral Health

Missing teeth impact your oral health in ways that you might not be aware of. Missing teeth can affect the health of your jaw bone and gums. When you are missing teeth, the gum and bone in your mouth are not given the appropriate stimulation. This can lead to bone shrinkage and cause your gums to pull away from your remaining teeth, putting your other teeth at risk.

Your teeth are also meant to work together—so missing one or more teeth can affect a number of things in your mouth. Your bite might change to compensate for missing teeth, and the remaining teeth may shift and move in response to the extra room. This can lead to other oral health issues such as tooth decay, sensitivity, and grinding.

Overall Health 

Missing teeth can also affect your overall health in a number of ways. Your teeth are designed to help you eat and speak properly. Each tooth serves an individual purpose. When you have missing teeth, you are unable to chew effectively. Not being able to chew properly can affect your health in a number of ways, including weight loss and nutritional deficiencies, which can lead to other health problems.

Dental Implants

You have a few options for replacing missing teeth, depending on what teeth are missing and how many teeth have been lost. It is important to discuss your options with your dentist to find the right treatment plan for you. A dental implant is essentially a prosthetic root, on which we can build a crown or bridge. The dental implant can either be made of titanium or newer ceramic materials. 

After a tooth has been extracted, we place the implant into position and allow it to heal. The new implant eventually fuses to the jawbone to provide a solid foundation that a crown, bridge, or even dentures can be attached to. Most of our clients are finding comfort and convenience in the knowledge that we can now take care of their dental implant needs in our office, without the need to refer for an oral surgeon. Many routine dental implant cases can be done right here at Prescott Dentistry and for a lower cost than a specialist. 

Dental implants have been the gold-standard in replacing missing teeth for many years. There have been concerns, however, with the use of traditional titanium alloys being implanted into the jawbone and possible material sensitivity. We now have the option of using biocompatible ceramic materials for implants. Ceramic is biologically inert (non-reactive) and more compatible with bone and gum tissues. If you have missing teeth, you may want to consult with our staff regarding the suitability of metal vs. ceramic implants.

Partial or Full Dentures

If you have a lot of missing teeth in different areas of your mouth, you might benefit from partial or full dentures. Most dentures are removable, although you can get a permanent denture with dental implants. A partial denture is created based on a mold of your mouth to replace multiple missing teeth throughout your mouth comfortably. 

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